Monday, December 05, 2005

Firefox v 1.5

Firefox v 1.5 from

I have been using Internet Explorer for many years but this weekend I have transferred to Firefox 1.5. I am delighted with it. I am impressed with how well it works: fast, simple to configure and available with a host of functions that I use regularly. I particularly like tabbed internet browsing and bookmarks. It reads RSS feeds and has a simple appearance that I like. I strongly recommend it to Windows users. Be aware that it will take a while for new users to find out all that it can do, and I spend some hours configuring it and setting it up with my most useful bookmarks and settings, although bookmarks in Internet Explorer were imported for me. I shall be interested to see if the new version of Internet Explorer, which has been several years in preparation, will come up to these standards.

Christopher Spry

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